Coloured glass splashbacks


Printed Glass Splashbacks

Glass Splashbacks, ANY COLOUR YOU LIKE

Let the colour experts make your glass splashbacks in the perfect colour for your kitchen. If you can find a colour you like in a photo, the colour of your kettle or toaster, to match the colour of your blinds or ANY paint colour- we can make you a glass splashback to match. With over ten thousand colour formulations available to us we can help you perfectly coordinate your kitchen.

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ANY Image or Design

Digitally Printed Glass Splashbacks can be the cherry on top of your finished kitchen, we have hundreds of beautiful images to browse from. If though you cannot find something you are looking for remember, this is all about can have anything you want.

Browse online image libraries or email us your own personal photo and we can make you a personalised splashback. 

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Mirror Splashbacks

Reflect your personality with a Mirror Splashback

DIY Splashbacks are now one of a few UK/European suppliers who are able to offer Mirror Splashbacks made from toughened glass. Perfectly suitable for use behind any type of hob, our mirror splashbacks will not break due to heat and are available in four different colours.

Mirror splashbacks are ideal for brightening up dark kitchens.

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Clear Glass Splashbacks

Clear Glass Splashbacks

You can do so much with a Clear Splashback, if you have a brick wall or wallpaper our splashbacks will help you see these whilst still having an easy to clean cooker splashback.

Available in a range of tinted colours as well you can choose from 5 different styles of clear glass splashbacks

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