Glass Splashbacks

Modern, hygienic and affordable, glass is the perfect alternative to tiles. Glass splashbacks can be made in any colour, print, shape or size- the only limit is your imagination. Explore your options below to source the colour or design that is right for you.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks
Patterned Glass Splashbacks
Fitted Glass Splashbacks
Fast Shipping Glass Splashbacks

Fitting Glass Splashbacks

There are two options when fitting glass splashbacks.
1. Do it yourself 2.Hire a professional

For simple rectangular shaped glass splashbacks, or even shaped splashbacks that do not have any socket cut outs or notches, measuring and fitting is very easy. Our comprehensive 'how to' section will guide even the most inexperienced DIY'er through the process. For more complex installations, it may be worthwhile enlisting a professional. contact us to find a fitter in your area.

You may find that your wall is far from standard. The versatility of glass means that it can be shaped to fit seamlessly around obstacles such as plug sockets and cooker hoods.
Plug sockets, we refer to these as cut outs, and can be created when mnufacturing your glass. When ordering, specify the number of cut outs you need and these will be included in your price. Once your order has been processed we will contact you to obtain the measurements and locations of the cut outs in your glass. Alternatively, you can also send us templates if that is easier. It may sound difficult to measure around/behind sockets (the sockets actually fit over the glass for a neater finish), but we have prepared easy an to follow guide on how to measure around a socket to help you.

Cooker Hoods- as experts in the field of glass, we can make ordering shaped glass to fit around your cooker hood profile easy. We stock a number of templates to fit around many of the branded cooker hoods. In our quoting tool, simply select the model name & number and we will have a template to fit. If we don't, if you send us a template of the shape we can use that to make one to fit!

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