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Glass Splashback Samples

Glass Splashback Samples
Choosing a colour can be difficult, especially with so much choice!
You've decided on a colour, but struggle with how this will look on glass?

We offer a bespoke 6mm sample service, we call it bespoke because each and every sample is made to order. Like wallpaper batch numbers, paint can vary depending on the batch. We do our utmost to ensure there is little variance to the original sample ordered but the fact is we offer in excess of 2000 colours, we cannot stock pre mixed paint for every colour so we literally have to mix the paint for each sample and order as and when ordered. For these reasons, there can be a small variation between a sample colour ordered and then if you order a splashback (mainly due to the tiny droplets of tint that are used to create different colours). If the sample if for a table top please let us know, our table tops are priced for toughened float glass (low iron prices for table tops are available on request).

Will my coloured glass splashback be the same colour as the paint on my wall?
The question actually is does the paint in the tin look exactly the same colour as the paint on the wall...usually not. However the colour of the splashback will look the same colour as the paint on the glass (assuming it is a 6mm splashback, some of our other products are made using different types and thicknesses of glass- thicker ot thinner samples are also available on request e.g. 12mm for stove plates).

Another factor is of course that we do not use any of the actual brand name paint to colour our products as it is not suitable for painting onto glass, we match as close as we can to the colours (to around 97% accuracy). If, for whatever reason, you must have a splashback that is an exact match with no variation whatsoever then you may be best painting the wall with the actual paint from the manufacturer and ordering a low iron clear glass splashback as this is not something we could possibly guarantee (as we cannot use their paint for the glass). In saying that, we have an extremely small percentage of complaints on colour...we do have some which is why we are trying to be as clear as possible on what you should expect.

Please note that in order for us to mix the paint and spray a sample, it costs almost as much to paint a glass splashback for a cooker. For this reason, we must charge £10 for each bespoke sample (also to cover postage). This cost is non refundable unfortunately as we do not make a profit on samples, the sample service is there as a courtesy to help you choose a colour.

Colour of sample required (cost £10):