You can have anything you like, choose the perfect wall covering for your decor

It's 2018, choice is no longer a privilege 

It's a given.

You've spent all you can afford on THE MOST EXPENSIVE ROOM OF YOUR HOME that adds the most value to your costs nothing more to have the most perfectly coordinated wall covering in your kitchen. Why then install a black, white or non descript splashback in your kitchen? With a bit of thought, and nothing more in terms of cost, you can instead fit a glass or acrylic splashback that will add serious VALUE to your kitchen and indeed home. So, with that being said how do you go about choosing the perfect Coloured glass splashback or Printed glass splashback?


Trends do change, as will your kitchen many times in your lifetime. The average consumer will change their kitchen every 7 years! Wall coverings should of course change at the same time but too many people make (and regret) tiling their entire kitchen walls only to end up keeping them for much longer than they would like simply because removing tiles is an incredibly messy and expensive task. This is not the case with splashbacks. Glass and acrylic splashbacks come off in one piece 9 times out of 10. Will you get bored of your choice of tiles you chose to match your kitchen which will inevitably date? Yes. Will you get bored of the splashback you have installed 7 years down the line when your once modern kitchen has dated. Of course! This should not away your decision on your kitchen wall covering, but...with splashbacks at least you can easily remove them. Do keep in trend though, your splashback should be the finishing touch to complete your dream kitchen so don't be afraid to DESIGN a splashback that can be the focal point or at least backdrop to your dream kitchen.

Choice is no longer a luxury

In this day and age, where bespoke is no longer an expensive luxury only for the well off, you can have anything you want. The perfect view, a tasteful contrast, art or even a pattern you have designed yourself. Don't settle for ordinary, create something unique, something that makes you smile every time you look at it (your own photos of your favourite holiday or memory), something SPECIAL.

Don't be magnolia

It's not the 90s anymore. Stop decorating your house for the next owners, decorate it for you. Did you know that although you have spent a fortune on YOUR dream kitchen the majority of people who purchase a home will change the kitchen within 3 years? Even brand new kitchens. We all have our own taste, so don't decorate your home to suit the next owner because it won't! It's YOUR dream kitchen, decorate it to your taste.

With that in mind we decided to give you unlimited choice.

While we have sold hundreds of Rainbow tree splashbacks over the years we are certainly not under the illusion it is the best we can make. It's a suggestion. Yes a popular one but we have found most people go with the crowd and choose designs we suggest on the premise that most people will like their choice. Why though go with what we suggest when you can have something you designed yourself? What is better value of the same price? There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from designing something truly unique. Our New splashback designer tool lets you choose from over 1.3 MILLION stock photos and patterns. Not only that you can zoom in, crop, layer and even add text to create something special, you can even find ANY image, upload your own image or photo so literally have anyhting you like...unlimited choice. Yes it make take a few minutes more but it's going to be on your wall for 7 years minimum (for most people). Take the time, it's worth it.

Try our new Splashback designer today and give your lovely new kitchen the wall covering it deserves!

Designer splashback

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07/09/2018 17:28