Designers Guild Clotted Cream Splashback



Designers Guild Clotted Cream Glass Splashbacks

Image of a Designers Guild Clotted Cream kitchen splashback with socket cut outs
We use a computerised colour mixing system that gives us the ability to match our splshbacks to any Designers Guild paint colour with a very high degree of accuracy. We do not use actual Designers Guild paint as it is not suitable for glass. Our system however, can provide indistinguishable colour matches.
With numerous Designers Guild colours to choose from, chosing a Designers Guild colour for your custom sized splashback is easy. Search or browse our website to see our range, or drop into a decorating store for inspiration.
We also sell a sample product to help you see your colour on glass. To order a Designers Guild Clotted Cream glass splashback sample please click here.
An Image of Designers Guild Clotted Cream splashbacks with upstands
Designers Guild Clotted Cream Glass Upstands
Your glass upstands will be cut to your specific size and produced as toughened glass. Please be aware that toughened glass cannot be cut afterwards so it is important to measure accurately.
Glass upstands are usually 100mm - 150mm tall. They are fitted in the same way as a splashback. Upstands add a touch of colour along with more practical wall protection.
Measuring for your glass upstands is easy.
1) Measure from your cooker splashback to the nearest wall or cabinet and deduct 2mm for expansion.
2) If another upstand is to meet this upstand at a corner deduct the glass thickness + 4mm (so subtract 10mm for 6mm glass)
Picture of a fitted Designers Guild Clotted Cream splashback
Choosing the right Designers Guild colour for your kitchen or bathroom

If you have not decided on the colour for your walls or cabinets then that may be the best place to start. Would you like your Designers Guild Clotted Cream Splashbacks to complement or contrast your walls for example?

Some tips on chosing the right coloured splashback for your kitchen or bathroom.

  1. Consider the lighting in your room.
  2. Test colours with sample pots
  3. Like paint, our splashbacks can be made in matte (brushed) or gloss finishes.
  4. What mood are you trying to create?
  5. Consider the colour of your kitchen units
Image of two Designers Guild Clotted Cream glass splashbacks in a corner
Complete wall coverage
Glass splashbacks can be cut and shaped around electrical outlets or plug sockets. They will protect your walls around switches just as tiles do.
This image shows two Designers Guild Clotted Cream glass splashbacks meeting in a corner, under your kitchen cabinets.
Measuring for full wall glass splashbacks is a little bit more involved than with upstands, however the fundamentals are the same. You can find further instructions on how to measure for plug sockets etc... in the tutorials section of our website.
Glass Upstands

Download our App to find the perfect colour

You catch it, we'll match it! Using our colour catcher mobile app you can use your mobile device's camera to capture any colour. Once you have found the perfect colour for your kitchen splashback our app will take you directly to the closest glass splashback colour we have on our system. Our app is of course only as reliable as your phone's camera so it may be an idea to either order a sample or visit your local paint store to pick up a paint sample to check.