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The ugliest colour in the world?

If you like your design, whether interior or otherwise, you probably will have heard that the world's ugliest colour has been identified. You've all heard the whispers and now the truth has came's Pantone 448C!

We know, you've thought that for years and daren't mention it for fear of being chastised- well now you can say it with conviction as it is official.

The ugliest colour in the world

What do you think? Pretty nasty eh?

Luckily though, it is our mission to help you choose the nicest colour for YOUR kitchen. It's important to remmeber the YOUR part because far too many of us decorate our houses for the next occupants but don't do it- it's YOUR house and YOUR kitchen!

We don't offer this colour, but you can take a look through the 2000+ colours we currently offer here. 

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07/09/2018 17:28