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Why trust us with your kitchen splashbacks?

DIY Splashbacks have been manufacturing and selling glass splashbacks for kitchens for 7 years now. In fact, we launched shortly after the first UK supplier (who sadly ceased trading around 4 years ago- we hugely respect them for making the industry what is is today) so we have perhaps the most experience and product knowledge in the industry. In 2015 we expanded into a second factory to cope with growing demand and have since gone from strength. Our growing workforce of skilled production operatives, technical support staff and customer service representatives are all fully trained to help guide you through the process from measuring, ordering and installing your splashbacks.

As all of our splashbacks are manufactured in house, we are able to keep tight control over our products and most importantly- the quality of the product.


Being in total control over our product is extremely important to us so we have invested in the best machinery we could source to ensure we consistently provide superior quality splashbacks.

Automated paint mixing machine - just this year (2016) we upgraded our paint mixing machinery to move to a computerised system that can dispense incredibly small amounts of tint to ensure the highest colour accuracy. Our software has a regularly updated colour library with all the UK's largest paint brands. Our website lists only a fraction of the colours we can mix, so if you can't see the colour you're looking for just ask.

Large format UV Digital Printer - there's always room for improvement and although the print quality of our printed splashbacks was excellent, in 2015 we invested in what is considered the best machine in the industry for printing directly onto glass. Newer models have been released but industry experts still regard our model as the best- if that changes we'll certainly consider an upgrade as we strive to achieve excellence where possible.


Whilst the factory exteriors themselves are fairly generic, the inside of our factories have been transformed to streamline the manufacturing, quality control and dispatch processes. Everything we do is reevaluated on a regular basis in order to allow us to better serve you, the customer.

Please feel free to write to us or pop in, we don't hide our address behind a PO Box!!

Main distribution Depot and contact centre
DIY Splashbacks
31/32 Bloomfield Commercial Center
Factory Street

Second Factory (Printed production and dispatch)
16/17 Bloomfield Commercial Centre
Factory Street

Contact numbers:
0808 2540007 | 02890 457775 | 0800 1337772

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