Glass Splashbacks For Kitchens & Bathrooms

A glass splashback is a stylish and practical wall covering for a kitchen or bathroom. For coloured glass splashbacks you can use our unique colour visualiser to preview how different colours will look in a variety of kitchen styles. For something a little different you can browse our collections of splashbacks with designs to find a cooker splashback that can be the focal point of your kitchen. The latest trend in kitchen design is the use our mirrors as a kitchen wall covering, our toughened mirrors are heat resistant in a range of colours and designs whilst also being suitable for use behind any type of kitchen hob. All of our glass splashbacks are available to order online and delivered to your door, so you can complete your kitchen without having to leave your house. Fitting a splashback is incredibly easy too, it will take you less time to fit a panel behind your cooker than it will take to choose the right colour or design.

Why Choose a Glass Splashback?

There are many reasons to choose glass as a surface behind your hob, the most obvious is perhaps because glass is very easy to clean. Alternative splashbacks such as stainless steel or tiles are notoriously difficult to clean but glass is a breeze. You can even use a clear glass splashback on top of your tile to keep the look of tiles but protect them where they need it most. When designing a kitchen you also need to find the right paint colour for your walls, coloured glass splashbacks can be the same or contrasting colour to compliment your kitchen perfectly. Glass splashbacks are also very easy to fit yourself, it's as simple as sticking or screwing a flat panel to a wall so a very simple DIY task that does not require a tradesman, saving you money.

What type of splashback should you choose?

The key to kitchen design is by following a colour scheme and by choosing accessories, appliances and lighting that compliment the kitchen units, worktops and doors. So, the same rule applies when choosing a splashback for your kitchen. This is quite easy with a coloured glass splashback as they can be made to match any colour. The choice can therefore be as simple as choosing a colour to match the wall colour or the colour of your kitchen doors, or a contrasting colour. Many of our customers who have a black glass hob simply choose a black glass splashback to match their hob which in a way treats their splashback as an appliance.
If you have a very monotone kitchen and you are looking to lift it a bit then a splashback with a design may be the right choice to inject a little more colour into the design of your kitchen. For a higher end look consider a mirror splashback, mirrored splashbacks can transform even the most basic of kitchens into a kitchen that looks much more expensive, thereby instantly adding value to your home. Whatever you decide upon, the real benefit of a glass splashback is that they don't ever get tired looking, a quick clean and your splashback will look as good as the day you fitted it for the lifespan of the kitchen which is why they are quickly replacing kitchen tiles as the number one choice of wall protection. We're constantly adding new products and designs, but if you don't see anything you like on our website just drop us an email and we can help you.
Made to measure glass splashbacks, manufactured in the UK. All of our bespoke glass splashbacks are made using toughened glass and cut to size, our coloured glass splashbacks are colour coated to order. Printed glass splashbacks can be customised or personalised using your own design and the measuring and fitting process can be a simple DIY task so quite cheap compared to tiling costs. You get instant prices and can order online using any of our product pages for an affordable, stylish to solution to a problem area. Our coloured glass splashbacks are available in over 500 colours and we can match any paint range. The stunning printed glass splashback collections come in hundreds of designs also so you can be sure to find the right splashback to suit your kitchen. Acrylic splashbacks are also available to purchase online and are also available in any colour or design.
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