DIY Glass Splashbacks for kitchens
Express delivery glass splashbacks
Express delivery glass splashbacks


Express delivery glass splashbacks

Why choose acrylic or glass splashbacks?

Being able to have an almost  infinite choice of colours or designs from the palm of your hand or stoke of a key saves you driving around countless decorating centres and tile showrooms. On top of that glass splashbacks (and all of our products) are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. A spray with a bit of glass cleaner and a quick wipe and your splashbacks will look as good as the day they were fitted for the lifetime of your kitchen.

How are glass splashbacks measured and fitted?

For the majority of customers who are simply buying a cooker splashback, it's as simple as fitting one single tile (or in this case of course it's a piece of toughened glass or acrylic). What makes the process even easier though is we make them the exact size you need- so unlike tiles you don't need to cut them (so you don't need a tiler). Also, unlike tiles which require expensive adhesive and grout you need one product only- a single tube of silicone adhesive fits and seals the panel in a matter of minutes! For more information on how to measure and fit please see the tutorials section of our

Are Glass Splashbacks heat resistant?

Yes, all of our glass splashbacks are made from toughened glass so perfectly suitable behind all types of kitchen hobs- including gas. Our mirror splashbacks and antique mirror splashbacks are also made from toughened glass unlike normal mirrors. We would not recommend that you install acrylic splashbacks behind a kitchen hob though, fortunately our glass and acrylic when coloured or printed look identical so you can mix and match.

Is a measuring and fitting service available?

Yes. Many of our customers choose us to help them get their glass splashbacks fully measured and fitted. We have a large number of kitchen fitters and splashback installers who buy directly from us and many of them are more than happy to carry out this work for you. Just browse our extensive range of glass splashbacks and get an idea of cost for the area, then get in touch with us with the property details and we can put you in touch with a fitter in your area. A typical (additional) cost for a professional installation is £375, so if a mistake is made you're covered!

Can you fit glass splashbacks over tiles?

This is a question we get asked all the time, yes glass splashbacks can be fitted over tiles no problem. One thing to note though is that whilst you can 100% cover all tiles on walls where the glass will not have any exposed edges...anywhere you see the edge of a tile, you will see this only with a glass splashback on top. To get around this you may need to use tile trim or remove the wall tiles from that section. Other than that though, yes glass splashbacks are a perfect, mess free way to cover up old, unsightly wall tiles without having to remove them.

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