Made to measure glass splashbacks. Match any colour. Available in any shape. Open our colour picker by hitting the CLICK HERE button, then just enter the size you require.




Quote Tool FAQs

Width and Height are in millimetres, please deduct room for expansion of your kitchen units and worktops. Typically take around 3mm off each measurement for a standalone cooker splashback.

Fixing Method - there are two ways of installing our glass splashbacks you can stick to the wall using adhesive or screw fit- we drill the glass for you and suppy mirror screws to install. Sticking to the wall is by far the neatest option.

Easy Clean/Non Stick Coating - a nano coating is applied to the glass that bonds to the surface filling all the microscopic pores in the glass. This coating essentially means water and condensation run off the glass minimising salt deposits and grease will sit on the coating making it much easier to clean off.

Glass Thickness - our standard thickness of glass splashback is 6mm, other thicknesses are available but please be aware that thcker glass can effect the colour a little. Generally speaking a 4mm or 6mm white glass splashback will be white, as you get thicker more light passing through the thicker glass will begin to alter lighter colours.

Glitter/Sparkle - this is currently a chunky German glass glitter that can be added to the splashback to add a bit of sparkle. 

Glass Finish - Our glass splashbacks can come in two different surface finishes.

  • Gloss A standard, highly refelctive, gloss finish in low iron glass (so there is very little colour distortion)  
  • Brushed a non reflective, matte, finish not avaiable in low iron glass (so lighter colours can be affected by a green tinge- greens, blues, blacks and darker colours are generally not affected very much)

Socket Cut Outs - using a CNC, we can add your cut outs for plug sockets prior to the glass being toughened, once toughened the glass cannot be cut.

Cut to fit a cooker hood - we have a number of cooker hood profiles on file (for cooker hoods that are not just flat at the bottom). If your hood is one of these shapes we can shape the splashback to fit arond the shaped bottom. When measuring for a shaped cooker hood measure from the middle of the hood at the bottom of the hood to the worktop and subtract 4mm. 

Custom Made Toughened Glass Splashbacks

  • Made to your sizes 
  • Easy to measure
  • Easy to Fit
  • Any colour
  • Colour picker
  • Heat resistant to 200° 
  • Pilkington Low Iron
  • Polished edges
  • Easy to clean

You can type in a colour if it's not listed. To post us something, for us to match the colour to. Type in "will post in sample" into the colour choice box.

Production & Delivery Time

  • Custom made: 2-4 weeks
  • Custom secure packaging
  • £14.99 UK std delivery*

* Orders under 2.4m in panel size. Excludes Highlands & Channel Islands. Highlands & Channel Islands delivery charge is available at £39.99. For sizes that exceed 2.4m contact us, we'll need to get a quote from the couriers.

Specifications & addons

  • Easy clean coating to help repel grease is available
  • Adhesive or screws and screw holes available
  • Multiple glass thicknesses available
  • Gloss and brushed glass choices

Brushed Glass

  • More scratch resistant
  • Non reflective
  • Matt glass finish
  • Available in 6mm and 10mm thickness only

Not available in low iron so lighter colours may be affected by the natural green tinge of glass.

Drill Hole Sizes

  • 4-6mm Glass | Holes are 6mm
  • 8mm Glass | Holes are 8mm
  • 10mm Glass | Holes are 10mm
  • 12mm Glass | Holes are 12mm
  • 15mm Glass | Holes are 15mm

Other sizes available. Email us if you have specific requirements.

Shapes & Cutouts

  • CNC machined to fit almost any shape
  • Lots of shapes ready to go (choose from the shaping dropdown)
  • Lots of cooker hood shapes available*

*If your required shape isn't listed you can send us in a template. For custom shapes and socket cutouts etc... email us a diagram when ordering.



At DIY Splashbacks, we believe that your kitchen splashback should fit your lifestyle. This is why we offer the opportunity to customise and personalise all aspects of your splashback from its colour to its shape. Once you've chosen the splashback for your kitchen, we provide a variety of easy fit options to complete your look. Our service includes comprehensive and easy to follow Tutorials for DIY splashback measurement and installation that will ensure your kitchen has a professional finish. 

coloured Glass Upstands
Glass upstands Usually 100mm tall, and fitted the same way as a splashback, upstands add a touch of colour along with more practical wall protection. Measuring for your upstands is just as easy.

When you make your measurements, ensure you allow for an expansion gap of 2mm between your upstand and where you want your upstand to finish. There's no need for a gap between your upstand and your splashback. This will ensure that you get the best possible fit for your kitchen!
Once you've added the splashback of your choice to your basket, just input the lengths of the upstands you would like, get your new quote and add these too!

Don't worry, after adding your items to your basket, you can review and edit them at checkout to make sure you've got everything you need. If you've any questions, we'll be happy to help. When your upstands arrive, it's just a matter of preparing and using our adhesive to attach and seal them to your wall, and your new look kitchen splashback will be finished.
Full wall Glass Splashbacks
Fully fitted Glass Splashbacks Fully covered walls of coloured or printed glass are less of a DIY task and more the work of skilled tradesmen and kitchen fitters. There is very little room for error with toughened glass as the glass may not be cut or drilled once toughened. However, fully fitted glass splashbacks brighten up kitchens and look simply stunning once fitted.

As experts in glass, we also offer a full measuring and fitting service for glass splashbacks. Our network of fitters work across mainland UK offering a truly comprehensive service.

We'll take care of everything from design to installation, giving you peace of mind that the job will be done right. Click here to find our more or call our dedicated call centre on 0808 2540007 (Monday - Saturday 9-5).

Measuring and fitting Glass Splashbacks is very simple, please see the below tutorials pages of our website

How to Measure for a Glass Splashback

How to Fit a Glass Splashback

Brushed Glass Splashbacks

Brushed Glass Splashbacks have a more scratch resistant, non reflective, matt glass finish but are not available in low iron so lighter colours may be affected by the natural green tinge of glass.

Order times and delivery

The below sizes are in stock ready to be coloured- these sizes are generally delivered in around 1 week. Any shaped splashbacks, splashbacks with holes, thicknesses other than 6mm and made to order/bespoke sizes typically take 2-4 weeks as long as they pass quality control. Shaped panels take the longest duration as the manufacturing process is more complex and made using a CNC. 

The below stock sizes are all 6mm thick GLOSS finish, we do not stock any Brushed glass stock sizes

600mm x 600mm without holes
600mm x 700mm without holes
600mm x 750mm without holes
600mm x 750mm with holes
700mm x 700mm without holes
700mm x 750mm without holes
700mm x 750mm with holes
900mm x 600mm without holes
900mm x 700mm without holes
900mm x 750mm without holes
900mm x 750mm with holes

Glass thickness

A number of glass thicknesses are available, they are all perfectly suitable for use as a kitchen splashback. Thicker sizes can be useful to match existing worktop upstands or to cover any gaps between the worktop and the wall. 4mm and 6mm glass should represent the colour more or less perfectly without distorting it but as the glass thickness increases the colour will begin to be affected more (it is low iron glass not completely iron free so the green of the iron content will start to have an impact)

Glass and image/paint colours

All of our coloured and printed glass splashbacks are manufactured using low iron glass, also known as optically clear glass. Low iron glass has, as the name suggests, a low iron content (not completely iron free)- so generally speaking colours viewed from the front of the glass are more or less the same as colours on the back. However, as the colours and designs are on the rear of the glass there can be differences in colour due to light refraction and reflection i.e. the colour can be affected by the colour of the light in the room. Thicker glass will affect the colours more as there is more glass to refract and reflect the light.

If you would like to be 100% sure of the colour you receive, or how the image will look on glass please order a sample.

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Glass upstands perfectly compliment a glass splashback. Made to measure from toughened glass our glass upstands are a low cost solution to finish your kitchen walls. NB Coloured Glass upstands can only be purchased with a Coloured Glass Splashback.

*** Adhesive ***

Our specially selected type of adhesive. Used for adhering painted or printed glass splashback to a wide variety of surfaces.