Get an instant price and use our unique colour Visualiser to preview how different coloured Glass Splashbacks look in a veriety of kitchen styles and colour schemes.


These sizes are delivered in 7-10 days (all without holes)

Bespoke Glass Splashbacks take 4-5 weeks to manufacture and deliver


How To Order a Glass Splashback

Choose a Colour - click the green CHOOSE A COLOUR button and our colour picker will open. You can use the Select Paint Range drop down list to change to another paint range.

Width and Height are in mm (millimetres) not cm (see below for how to take the right measurements). For more complicated shapes and sizes of kitchen splashbacks see the Tutorials section of the website.

Fixing Method- You can stick or screw to the kitchen wall, we recommend sticking as it's neater, you cannot accidentally drill through a wire or pipe and you should seal the edges anyway using neutral cure silicone.

Glitter/Sparkle - our glitter/sparkle is now really solid rather than scattered so panels are almost metallic. It looks really nice on light and dark colours, email us for photos.

Easy Clean/Non Stick Coating - a nano coating is applied to the glass that bonds to the surface filling all the microscopic pores in the glass, which is particularly useful behind kitchen hobs and in showers. This coating essentially means water and condensation run off the glass minimising salt deposits and grease will sit on the coating making it much easier to clean off. Add a mircrofibre cloth to your order here

Glass Finish - Our glass splashbacks can come in two different surface finishes.

  • Gloss A standard, highly reflective, gloss finish in low iron glass (so there is very little colour distortion) . Recommended for kitchens with low natural light.
  • Brushed a non reflective, matte, finish not avaiable in low iron glass (so lighter colours can be affected by a green tinge- greens, blues, blacks and darker colours are generally not affected very much)

Socket Cut Outs - using a CNC, we can add your cut outs for plug sockets prior to the glass being toughened, once toughened our splashbacks cannot be cut.

Cut to fit a cooker hood - we have a number of kitchen cooker hood profiles on file (for cooker hoods that are not just flat at the bottom). If your shaped hood is one of these shapes we can shape the splashback to fit arond the shaped bottom. When measuring for a shaped cooker hood measure from the middle of the hood at the bottom of the hood to the kitchen worktop and subtract 4mm.

In a kitchen your wall covering can be complimentary to your doors and worktops or they can be a defining feature. Coloured splashbacks tend to be more often than not the former. Find the right colour and you can have a fully washable wall that will look as good in 10 years as it does on day of installation.

How To Measure for a Glass Splashback

You are basically ordering something to be a fraction smaller than the space it is to fit in (so it fits!).

For a simple rectangle or square glass splashback, measure the height in mm (millimetres)- subtract 2mm. Measure the width in mm, subtract 4mm.

How To Fit a Glass Splashback

For full instructions you can visit our Tutorials Section but you are simply adding our silicone adhesive to the back, sticking to the wall and sealing the edges. It's an incredibly simple ten minute DIY task. Screw fitted splashbacks require a bit more effort - marking the hole locations, drilling the holes, fitting some rawl plugs and screwing the splashback to the wall...then sealing with neutral cure silicone afterwards.

We offer a full measure fit service across much of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Please click here for more information on that service.

With our help, the majority of our customers do of course measure and fit themselves (or engage a local tradesman or kitchen fitter). Tutorials to help with that are on the below pages.

How to Measure for a Glass Splashback

How to Fit a Glass Splashback

Order times and delivery

The below sizes are in stock ready to be coloured- these sizes are generally delivered in around 2 weeks. Any shaped splashbacks, splashbacks with holes, thicknesses other than 6mm and made to order/bespoke sizes typically take 4 weeks (if not shaped and do not have any cut outs- i.e. rectangular splashbacks) as long as they pass quality control. Shaped panels take the longest duration as the manufacturing process is more complex and made using a CNC, please allow 4-6 weeks to manufacture and deliver shaped panels.

The below stock sizes are all 6mm thick GLOSS finish, we do not stock any Brushed glass stock sizes

600mm x 600mm without holes
600mm x 700mm without holes
600mm x 750mm without holes
600mm x 750mm with holes
700mm x 700mm without holes
700mm x 750mm without holes
700mm x 750mm with holes
900mm x 600mm without holes
900mm x 700mm without holes
900mm x 750mm without holes
900mm x 750mm with holes

If you would like to be 100% sure of the colour you receive, or how the image will look on glass please order a sample.

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