Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve chosen my splashback, how do I pay?

We can process your payment for your order online in two ways, both of which are secure. Firstly, you can use your Paypal account to make your payment for your order. You will then receive your Paypal receipt, and shortly afterwards e-mail confirmation of receipt of payment and details of your order from DIY Splashbacks. Alternatively, you can choose to pay by credit or debit card. Your payment will be processed via a secured server, and once the transaction has been completed, as with Paypal, you will receive your receipt and an order confirmation with receipt of payment and details of your order via e-mail from DIY Splashbacks. If you have any queries about paying online, or would prefer to place your order directly with one of our customer service advisors, please contact us on 0808 2540007 Mon-Sat 9-5. Please be aware that once your order is placed we are unable to alter or cancel it. Your splashback is bespoke, and made to your exact specifications, and as such would be unsellable to another customer. Read our terms and conditions here to find out all you need to know about your order.

Are Glass Splashbacks expensive?

As it is so easy to measure and fit a glass splashback the cost to install a single cooker splashback is considerably cheaper than many other alternatives. Most of our printed and coloured glass splashbacks cost less than £200 delivered. Click here for instructions on how to measure for a glass splashback, or here for how to fit a glass splashback.

Can I order bespoke measurements?

Absolutely! We specialise in made-to-measure splashbacks. Simply choose your product type ie: Clear, Coloured or Printed glass, then input your specific dimenions.

What happens once I place my order?

Once you pay, you'll receive an automated order confirmation via email. Please check this mail for any errors. If we don't hear from you within 24 hours, we'll go ahead with your order.  First the glass needs to be cut, toughened and go through a quality check. The next stage in production is your bespoke painted or printed, chosen design. At this point in production your splashback goes through the last of its several stages of quality control checks, and when it passes, is immediately prepared for dispatch before being sent securely with our courier. To complete the above processes and produce your bespoke splashback of the highest standard takes, on average, 25-30 days. Stock sized glass orders can take less time to produce. We aim for around 7-10 days to dispatch stock sized orders. Dispatch times can occasionally be impacted upon by public holiday dates, but in these instances we will advise where possible of any potential delays when processing your order. Providing it's installed and handled correctly, all our splashbacks come with a twelve month standard product warranty against discolouration from normal use, for your peace of mind.

Can Glass Splashbacks go behind a gas hob?

Yes. All of our Glass Splashbacks are made from toughened glass, so they are specificaly manufactured to be used behind kitchen hobs, including gas hobs.

Are Glass Splashbacks heat resistant?

Yes, as per the above they are specifically manufactured to be heat resistant for use behind kitchen hobs and freestanding cooker. None of our glass splashbacks have ever broken due to heat, or anything else, after they have been installed.

Can Acrylic Splashbacks go behind a gas hob?

No. Acrylic is not suitable behind a gas hob as the acrylic will melt. It is not recommended that you fit them behind an electric hob or freestanding cooker either. Induction hobs should be ok but as there is not much of a price difference between glass and acrylic splashbacks we would always recommend glass.

How to cut glass splashbacks

Toughened Glass splashbacks CANNOT be cut, all of our glass splashbacks are made from toughened glass so they can be safely used behind any kitchen hob. You may be able to purchase a splashback that has not been toughened for use behind a hog, this can be cut but it is highly unlikely this splashback will last long before cracking due to heat.

What is the difference between gloss and brushed glass?

We use low iron glass for our gloss glass splashbacks, this is shiny like any normal glass but as it is low iron there is very little iron content so colours will be true. Brushed glass however is an acid etched glass so the surface is matte and as it is acid etched some prints may be affected. Brushed glass is not low iron either so colours can be a little distorted by the green iron content in the glass. Darker colours are less affected.

Is there a minimum distance required from my hob to a glass splashback?

Problems with heat from hobs are incredibly rare but for gas hobs in particular the glass should be at least 75mm (3 inches) from the edge of the flames to avoid the painted or printed splashback backing from burning. Hot pots should not directly touch glass or acrylic splashbacks for a prolonged period of time as the heat will be directly transferred to the glass and may cause the backing to burn.

To date, this problem has only occurred 3 times out of 80,000+ orders so it's not a worry but worth noting. It's best to have gas hobs installed as far from the wall as possible as they also burn laminate splashbacks and worktop upstands.

Can Glass Splashbacks be fitted over tiles?

Yes. Many of our customers have done this and we ourselves have done this for customers not wishing to remove their kitchen wall tiles prior to installation. Without removing the wall tiles you save a lot of time and of course there is zero mess and dust caused by removing kitchen tiles.

What happens if I need a cut out or a notch?

Every kitchen is unique. We recognise this and offer the option for cut outs or notches to give you the best fit splashback possible on our Flagship site Primarily cut outs are required for plug and electrical sockets. Prior to toughening our glass, and after receiving your measurements, we use a water jet to cut out a gap the size of an electrical back box exactly where you want it. This gives your splashback a clean and professional fit as it sits behind your socket face. Notches are used for shaping your splashback to suit your kitchen – they allow us to produce a glass splashback that fits around your cooker hood perfectly, or around your cupboards for example. If you opt for cut outs or notches in your kitchen splashback, select the number you require when ordering using our quoting tool. Once you’ve added these to your basket, we’ll confirm with you where exactly you want your splashback to be adapted before we begin production. You’ll find guides that show you how to measure for cut outs and notches in our Tutorials section. Once you’ve measured where you need your cutouts, send us your template or drawing so we can produce the bespoke splashback your kitchen requires. If there’s anything that you’re not sure about, don’t worry, our advisors are only a phone call or e-mail away and will be happy to support you. Just call us direct on 0808 2540007 Mon-Sat 9-5 or e-mail us at

What colours can I choose from?

Like your glass size and your glass shape, this is entirely up to you. If you can find a colour, we can match it to within 97% accuracy (this is the industry standard). On our quoting tool, we offer the main paint ranges within the UK for you to choose from. Click on the ‘CHOOSE A COLOUR’ option, and select the paint range you want to pick from. Scroll through the colour range shown to find the shade you’re looking for. If the colour you want isn’t shown on your favourite paint range, we’ll find it and match your splashback colour to it. All you need to do is advise us what your choice of colour is and which paint range it is included in. Just contact us via phone on 0808 2540007 or e-mail us at and we’ll do the rest. Not sure if the colour you’ve chosen is the perfect shade for your splashback? Order a sample to be painted in the colour you want and try before you buy. You will then be able to assess how the shade you have chosen will look in your home and in the light of your kitchen. Samples cost £10 to order.  If you wish to order additional splashbacks for the same area of your home, we recommend that you place your order for all pieces of glass together. This is because every paint colour is mixed individually in the quantity needed for the splashbacks to be painted and we do not maintain a stockpile of colours across our range. Should you choose to order an additional splashback at a later date we will deliver the closest match possible, but are unable to guarantee that it will be exact.

What is Easy Clean?

Glass at a microscopic level is porous, uneven and bumpy. Dirt and grease can become trapped in these pores and make glass harder to clean. Easy Clean coats the glass in a transparent layer, filling in the pores and evening the surface out. This makes it harder for grease and dirt to become trapped on the surface of the glass, and therefore easier for you to clean. For more information on Easy Clean, please click here.

What is the warranty of your products?

Our glass splashbacks come with a twelve month standard product warranty which covers discolouration and delamination, as these are supply only products the warranty is only valid if the splashbacks are fitted correctly. Please ensure you leave the required expansion gaps when fitting and seal the entire perimeter of the splashback using Neutral Cure silicone. Failure to leave expansion or seal the splashback may cause defects over time. The cost of any associated works to remove and replace any of our wall products is not covered under our warranty unless installation was paid for as part of the job. For self installation product failures a replacement will usually be supplied or in some circumstances repairing the product may be possible.

Where can you deliver my splashback to?

Our website offers a facility to display a flat rate delivery price for UK Mainland & Ireland excluding off-shore islands. We have a choice of couriers however which means we are not restricted to shipping our product solely within the UK and can dispatch our products Europe and worldwide. Should you wish us to send your splashback further afield, please contact us on 0808 2540007 Mon-Sat 9-5 or via e-mail at and we will provide you with a price for shipping your order to the country you desire.

IMPORTANT: If you live in flats, some couriers (TNT for example) are only legally required to deliver to the entrance to the flats (buzzer etc.), you may have to meet the driver at the entrance to collect your order (it is at the driver's discretion but they are not required to deliver to your door if you live in a block of flats or apartments). For other domestic residences, drivers are not insured to enter your house to leave a parcel inside your home, just deliver to the door.

Where is my order confirmation?

Your order confirmation will go to your billing address email address, if you do not have it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.  Alternatively you can sign in to your account and see the status of your order.

How are Glass Splashbacks made?

There is a lot more to it than you may think. The glass is first cut to a little over the size ordered to allow for the reduction in size once the edges are polished with a beveled edge.

The glass is then sent through a glass washer to remove any grease and surface dirt before being sent to the toughener. The toughening plant is essentially a large furnace that superheats the glass to almost melting point (the annealing point) before rapidly cooling it. The process of rapdily cooling the surface while the centre of the glass remains hot causes the surface to shrink. As the glass cools more the centre begins to cool it then begins to contract also, as the surface is already cooler than the middle it will now contract further which will cause the surface to develop compressive surface stresses. These compressive surface stresses make the glass around 6 times stronger than normal glass.

Once the glass splashbacks have been cut, polished and toughened they are ready to be coated with your choice of colour (for coloured glass splashbacks), silvering (for mirrored glass splashbacks) or digitally printed (for /printed-splashbacks).

What paint to use on Glass Splashbacks

Normal gloss and emulsion paint is unstuiable for glass splashbacks, specialist paint must be used so we would always recommend ordering the splashback from us pre coated. If you choose to paint your own glass splashback with household paint it will most probably look great for a short period of time before it all starts flaking off.

Cost of Glass Splashbacks

The price per m2 changes dramatically for each product depending on the process required to make them. Clear glass splashbacks are the cheapest as they do not need colour coated or printed. Coloured glass splashbacks would be the second least expensive option followed by printed splashbacks with mirrored glass splashbacks being the most expensive.

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