Antique Mirror Splashback

Antique Mirror Glass Splashbacks
**Change the MIRROR COLOUR dropdown to preview each colour option**
Bespoke Toughened Glass Antique Mirror Effect Splashbacks for Kitchens, suitable for use behind all hob types including gas. Please see below for some important guidance regarding samples.


Our range of toughened antique mirror effect splashbasks are manufactured from 6mm toughened glass and made to order.

Colours and styles

While a little difficult to tell online, our antique mirror splashbacks are available in two different styles and a number of colours. The main difference between the two styles and the different colours available are detailed below.

Antique or Mottled?

While both styles of antique mirror, our antique mirror splashbacks are patches of colour randomly but fairly evenly distributed across the splashback. The mottled antique mirror range is a much more consistent effect which is closer to normal antique mirror. Each design is available in different colours the main colour differences are below.

Antique Effect Colours 

Silver -  antique silver mirrors have a grey that is darker than the silver mirror

White - antique white mirrors are still silver mirrors, but the pattern colour is much lighter than silver (above)

Gold - antique gold mirrors are still silber mirrors, but the pattern colour is a very light gold.

Iron and Rusted Iron - antique iron mirrors are steill silver mirrors, but the pattern colour is a copper/rust colour


We strongly recommend you first order a (refundable) sample to see how the effect looks before ordering. If you do not order a sample and do not like the effect once the product is received we are not in the position to refund you once you receive your order. So please first take the time to purchase a sample which costs £38 delivered, we will refund the £30 fpr the product cost once we receive it back in good condition. Our samples are 500mm x 300mm so a good size to get a better idea of how our antique mirrors look. You can order an antique mirror sample on this page.

Easy to clean toughened mirror effect splashbacks, suitable for use behind all hob types and heat resistant to over 400C (degrees celsius)

Easy Clean coating is available also which helps repel grease

All edges are polished with a 1.5mm bevel

If drill holes are ordered they are the same thickness of the glass due to the toughening process and requirements

(with the exception of 4mm thickness which has 6mm holes)

How to measure

How to fit

Antique Mirror Splashbacks

The most in demand splashback design at present are antique mirror splashbacks but up until now is has not been possible to toughen/temper antique mirror. By using pioneering techniques we are now able to offer antique mirror splashbacks, made from toughened glass, made to any size or shape.

Authentic Antique Mirror is caused over time by oxidation of the mercury backing used to make a mirror reflective. Modern antique mirrors though are reproductions, the aging process has been sped up using chemicals to replicate the oxidation cause to a mirror over time. Tempered Antique Mirrors are also reproductions where we have used techinques to replicate the oxidation on a mirror splashback. Unlike authentic antique mirrors though, which will of course have gathered surface damage over time, our antique mirror splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms will have defect free surfaces and modern beveled edges.

Order times and delivery

All Antique Mirror splashbacks are made to order (usually take 3-4 weeks to manufacture).

Any shaped splashbacks, splashbacks with holes and made to order/bespoke sizes typically take 2-4 weeks as long as they pass quality control. Shaped panels take the longest duration as the manufacturing process is more complex and made using a CNC. In stock sizes (without holes, rectangular or square shaped).

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