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Our clear glass kitchen splashbacks are made in the UK from toughened glass that has been cut to your specification before being produced. The perfect solution for anyone looking for a subtle but practical solution to protect kitchen walls from cooking splashes.

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  • Made for all kitchens and suitable for use behind any hob including gas hobs
  • Easy to clean glass splashbacks, Easy Clean coating is available also which helps repel grease
  • Available in clear or tinted glass (bronze and grey)
  • Heat resistant to over 400C (degrees celsius)
  • All edges are polished with a 1.5mm bevel
  • UK Manufactured Product

Looking to protect your kitchen wall from cooker splashes with a product than can be easily fitted and removed allowing you to redecorate in the future? Is so our clear glass splashbacks are the perfect solution, particularly if you want to see the existing wall colour, protect your tile grout or even add a picture of your own behind the glass. Supplied with drill holes and mirror screws to allow you to easily install they are a simple and practical solution that does not add any new colours to your existing scheme.

Why choose a Clear Glass Splashback?

Clear glass splashbacks are very easy to clean and give you the practical use of wall protection wihile remaining very subtle so they will not detract from your kitchen design at all. As they are screw fitted if at any time you would like to change your wall colour you can simply unscrew the splashback, repaint the wall and reinstall using the same fittings.

For something a little more vibrant, a contrasting colour or even a colour matched glass splashback why not view our range of coloured glass splashbacks which can be colour matched to ANY paint range.

Our ultra stylish range of printed glass splashbacks are also an amazing option, choose from any one of our hundreds of designs and patterns or design your own glass splashback

Clear Glass Splashbacks

No Fixings
Screwholes and Screws [+£20.00]

A hydrophobic nano coating that makes the
surface more grease and water repellent


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