Use your own photo or image to design your own glass or acrylic splashback, wall panel or wall art. Simply enter the dimensions required, upload your image file and order and we will do the rest. Please see below for file size requirements.
Attribute for storing user created pictures


Design your own splashback by uploading your own image or photo. It can be a personal photograph, image you have or any of the billions of images available on Shutterstock and other stock photo websites.

In order for us to be able to use your file to create a high resolution personalised photo splashback for you, the image itself needs to be as big as the splashback you require. Patterned splashbacks can be created by using vector files also which allow us to scale the pattern size to fit any size of splashback without loss of resolution.

**Important- Acrylic Splashbacks should not be used behind a hob or cooker- use glass** Acrylic is perfectly suitable behind sinks, in showers, bathrooms and as wall aer etc. but do not use behind a hob.

What does that mean?

Well, every photo or image file will be a certain resolution. Resolution is basically the number of pixels wide X the number of pixels high, when you multiply these two figures together you get the image resolution for your photo splashback.

How do I know if my image is sufficient resolution?

To make it simple, we recomment an image file at least 4MB for a standard size cooker splashback of 600mm x 750mm, for 900 x 750mm we recommend one 6MB. The larger the splashback, the larger the file size we require.

How will my image fit on the glass?

The majority of images are landscape, in other words they are wider than they are high. The majority of glass splashbacks are portrait, so they are higher than they are during the production process our graphic designer will use their best judgement to determine how best to crop your image for you. Don't worry, we will issue you an image proof to check before we print it.

**Please note though, the glass for your order will be put into production the day after you order so we cannot cancel your order after this time. If your image is unsuitable you will need to choose an alternative image. If this process worries you, or you are unsure if your image is acceptable please email us and we can check for you before you order**


At DIY Splashbacks, we believe that your splashback should fit your lifestyle. This is why we offer the opportunity to customise and personalise all aspects of your splashback from its colour to its shape. Once you've chosen the splashback for your kitchen, we provide a variety of easy fit options to complete your look. Our service includes comprehensive and easy to follow Tutorials for DIY splashback measurement and installation that will ensure your kitchen has a professional finish.

Glass Upstands
Glass upstands Usually 100mm tall, and fitted the same way as a splashback, upstands add a touch of colour along with more practical wall protection. Measuring for your upstands is just as easy.

When you make your measurements, ensure you allow for an expansion gap of 2mm between your upstand and where you want your upstand to finish. There's no need for a gap between your upstand and your splashback. This will ensure that you get the best possible fit for your kitchen!
Once you've added the splashback of your choice to your basket, just input the lengths of the upstands you would like, get your new quote and add these too!

Don't worry, after adding your items to your basket, you can review and edit them at checkout to make sure you've got everything you need. If you've any questions, we'll be happy to help. When your upstands arrive, it's just a matter of preparing and using our adhesive to attach and seal them to your wall, and your new look kitchen splashback will be finished.
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