Coronavirus Safety Screens for Retail

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Made to order Coronavirus (COVID-19) safety shields and safety screens. Cut to size, can be digitally printed with your logo or text and delivered to site/address.


Coronavirus Safety Shields / Safety Screens not only give your customers peace of mind but your staff too. This current outbreak could be here for a long time, and there are probably more on the way. Temporary shields will probably be replaced when you realise these shields are a permanent fixture for theforseeable future. Therefore it's important to get a quality safety shield made the right size and design first time. 

Suitable for use on reception desks, retail counters, beauty salons, cafes... anywhere you wish to help protect your staff.

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About our Coronavirus safety shields / safety screens

  • they are made to order, so you can exactly the right size you need
  • (optional) Digitally printed with your logo or any important information you to tell your customers
  • cut out sizes for passing goods or cash can be made to your specification
  • made from 5mm thick clear Perspex
  • (optional) flame polished edges 
  • (optional) drill holes for hanging
  • can be cut or drilled for on site installation (using HSS drill and jigsaw bits)
  • can be fitted yourself (no fixing materials are included)

How To Order

Just enter your general requirements above:

Panel Design - smaller retailers generally choose clear acrylic but we can digitally print any design, text or logo onto your safety shield. You could also be as creative as you like it could be a window design, a pattern or a photo to brighten your customer's day.

Cut Outs- if you would like cut outs (or you can cut yourself if you prefer) let us know the cut out size required.

Width and Height- Measure the space you would like the shield to cover and enter the size in milimetres, no centimetres or inches.

Flame Polished Edges -by default we quickly hand sand the edges to remove burrs and sharp edges. The better finished, smooth, almost glass effect edges can be achieved with flame polishing which all but removes the cut marks.

Fixing method- a standard safety shield (depending on the size) can hang from your ceiling or ceiling tiles (assuming they are fitted correctly with enough holes and mounting points to support the weight of the panel.). As they can also be cut or drilled on site there are of course numerous other methiods of installation. If you require drill holes just select the option. For other methods just choose not required.

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