Glam Glass Splashbacks

Picture of Glam Glass Splashbacks
100% Sparkle/Glitter, our Glam Glass Splashbacks are the perfect finishing touch in the kitchen of someone who loves a bit of extra glamour in your kitchen! VIDEO BELOW


Watch the video for pure Glamour

All of our Solid Sparkle Glam Glass splashbacks are available to order in any size up to 2.4m in length or height, sizes over this are possible but you would need to email us your requirements.

Are Glam Glass Splashbacks suitable behind a hob?

Yes, they are made from tempered glass so suitable for use behind all hob types including gas.

What thicknesses are available?

The standard thickness for a glass splashback is 6mm which is suffice for any use, we can also manufacture them in 4mm, 8mm, 10mm and 19mm. The thicker the glass though the more the colour will be affected so we would recommend 6mm for the brightest colours.

Order times

We stock a number of standard hob widths, 600mm and 900mm wide by 700mm or 750mm high are the most common. Most customers require a bespoke size though which can take 3-4 weeks to manufacture.

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