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Our stylish and mould free Minerals range of high resolution digitally printed acrylic shower panels, can be cut and drilled on site using standard DIY power tools (metal/hss bits required).

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Add style and remove virtually all cleaning required in the shower or bathroom wth our Minerals range of high resolution digitally printed acrylic shower panels. As well as looking completely stunning, this range of affordable, luxury, shower panels are mould resistant and printed using UV ink so will not fade over time.

Why choose our Minerals shower panels?

  • Can be cut to size and drilled using standard DIY power tools (jigsaws and hole saws with HSS bits- not wood bits)
  • With our Easy Clean coating applied they practically clean themselves as water runs straight off
  • No need for tile grout or adhesive, two tubes of our silicone (per panel) is all you need to fix and seal the shower panels
  • Installation can be done in a matter of minutes (depending of course if they need cut to size or not, for a new shower all that is typically required are holes bored for shower valves)
  • Can be drilled thorugh to fit a shower screen
  • FREE Delivery

How many panels do I need?

Our panel sizes match standard shower tray widths and are 2400mm high, the number of panels required depend on the shower enclosure. If you would like the image to cover two or three walls the panels will be printed to ensure the design flows across them.

What tools are required for installation?

Standard DIY power tools are all that are required, a drill with HSS (high speed metal drill bits), jigsaw with HSS jigsaw bits and metal holesaw (size depends on the shower valves).

Minerals Shower Panels

700mm wide x 2400mm high
800mm wide x 2400mm high [+£30.00]
900mm wide x 2400mm high [+£60.00]
1000mm wide x 2400mm high [+£90.00]
1100mm wide x 2400mm high [+£120.00]
1200mm wide x 2400mm high [+£150.00]

A hydrophobic nano coating that makes the
surface more grease and water repellent

Not required
Add Easy Clean [+£20.00]
Not required
Two tubes (recommended) [+£9.99]

Provides extra protection to the backing by
protecting against wall salts and damp

No Foil Backing
Foil Backing [+£25.00]

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