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*Acrylic splashbacks are 5mm thick and not suitable for use behind a gas, electric or ceramic hob or freestanding cookers. Glass splashbacks are made from 6mm thick toughened glass and suitable for use behind all types of hob.

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Production time and delivery

Generally it takes around three to four weeks to produce and deliver your custom made splashback. Sometimes there may be a slight delay if there are any issues or holidays. Average is around three weeks.

Other Info

Low iron glass has, as the name suggests, has a low iron content (not completely iron free)- so generally speaking colours viewed from the front of the glass are more or less the same as colours on the back. However, as the colours and designs are on the rear of the glass there can be differences in colour due to light refraction and reflection i.e. the colour can be affected by the colour of the light in the room.

Acrylic is easier to scratch than glass and should be cleaned with a high quality microfibre cloth and soapy water only. You can not use chemicals or any abrasive cloth. For comparison: You can clean toughened glass with wire wool.

Heat resistance of Acrylic Splashbacks- read carefully

Acrylic splashbacks CAN be used as a hob splashback behind induction hobs but they must be a certain distance from the heat source. We would advise that you use glass though as it is much more heat resistant. The minimum distance between you hob and an acrylic splashback is as follows:

Induction hobs: 6cm/60mm/2.5 inches

Electric and Ceramic: It is not advisable to use behind an electric or ceramic hob as they may melt (use glass)

Gas hobs: Under no circumstances use behind a gas hob (use glass)- there is a serious risk of fire.

Freestanding and Range Cookers: Under no circumstances use behind a freestanding or range cooker (use glass). Although not as much of a fire risk as gas, they can melt/disform so we would not advise you use behind these hob types unless they are protected by clear toughened glass splashback in front

Hot pots and pans cannot come into contact with acrylic sheet for a prolonged period of time as this was damage the panels.

There is not much of a price difference between glass and acrylic splashbacks, acrylic are more suited to panels either side of the hob as they can be colour matched but most importantly so you can trim them on site. As mentioned above, we always recommend glass as the best option behind a hob.


In order for us to be able to use your file to create a high resolution personalised glass splashback for you, the image itself needs to be as big as the splashback you require.

What does that mean?

Well, every photo or image file will be a certain resolution. Resolution is basically the number of pixels wide X the number of pixels high, when you multiply these two figures together you get the image resolution.

How do I know if my image is sufficient resolution?

To make it simple, we recomment an image file at least 4MB for a standard size cooker splashback of 600mm x 750mm, for 900 x 750mm we recommend one 6MB. The larger the splashback, the larger the file size we require.

How will my image fit on the glass?

The majority of images are landscape, in other words they are wider than they are high. The majority of glass splashbacks are portrait, so they are higher than they are wide...so during the production process our graphic designer will use their best judgement to determine how best to crop your image for you. Don't worry, we will issue you an image proof to check before we print it.

**Please note though, the glass for your order will be put into production the day after you order so we cannot cancel your order after this time. If your image is unsuitable you will need to choose an alternative image. If this process worries you, or you are unsure if your image is acceptable please email us and we can check for you before you order**

Other sizes & Complex designs

If you have other designs in mind that are outside the scope of this tool. If it's custom shapes of glass, custom sizes, custom designs... we can make it for you. Contact us: Email us

Splashback Designer

Without Adhesive/Sealant
Add Adhesive/Sealant [+£7.49]
Screwholes And Screws [+£20.00]

A hydrophobic nano coating that makes the
surface more grease and water repellent


Provides extra protection to the backing by
protecting against wall salts and damp

No Foil Backing
Foil Backing [+£25.00]

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