Black Glass Splashback

Black Glass Splashback made in the UK from 5mm toughened Pilkington glass with polished edges. Suitable for use behind all hob types including gas.

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Easy to clean glass splashbacks. Coloured and manufactured on low iron glass for a high quality finish.

Heat resistant to over 400C (degrees celsuis)

All edges are polished with a 1.5mm bevel

Order times and delivery

Delivered in around 1 week.

Glass and image colours

All of our coloured and printed glass splashbacks are manufactured using low iron glass, also known as optically clear glass. Low iron glass has, as the name suggests, a low iron content (not completely iron free)- so generally speaking colours viewed from the front of the glass are more or less the same as colours on the back. However, as the colours and designs are on the rear of the glass there can be differences in colour due to light refraction and reflection i.e. the colour can be affected by the colour of the light in the room.

Black Glass Splashback

    YES [+£7.49]

    A hydrophobic nano coating that makes the
    surface more grease and water repellent

    YES [+£8.50]

    Provides extra protection to the backing by
    protecting against wall salts and damp

    No Foil Backing
    Foil Backing [+£25.00]

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