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Our Bronze Mirror Splashbacks are made using TOUGHENED GLASS, so are suitable for use behind all hob types including gas and will not break due to heat (as untoughened mirrors do). The colour can look very different in photos depending on the kitchen they are installed in, the mirror will look lighter in a brighter room. As with all mirrors though, our bronze mirror splashbacks will brighten and add the illusion of extra space to your kitchen or bathroom.

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Easy to clean toughened mirror glass splashbacks, suitable for use behind all hob types and heat resistant to over 400C (degrees celsius)

Easy Clean coating is available also which helps repel grease (it is a hydrophobic- grease and water repellant nanocoating that binds to the surface of the glass)

Gloss finish

Our gloss mirror glass splashbacks are manufactured from low iron glass

All edges are polished with a 1.5mm bevel

If drill holes are ordered they are the same thickness of the glass due to the toughening process and requirements

(with the exception of 4mm thickness which has 6mm holes)

Why choose a Mirror Glass Splashback?

Mirrored Splashbacks are a great way to add light and create the illusion of extra space in your kitchen as well as adding value to your home. There are many other reasons to add a mirror splashback to your kitchen such as how they can be an easy choice to compliment your kitchen colour scheme. Silver mirror splashbacks look great in most kitchens but depending on your kitchen colour scheme you may find that bronze or grey tinted splashbacks better compliment your kitchen design.

How to measure for a mirror glass splashback

How to fit a mirror glass splashback

Mirror Splashbacks

Our mirror splashbacks are made using a special process to apply a mirror backing to toughened glass.  As we use toughened glass for our mirrored splashbacks, there can be very small surface imperfections (pits) in the glass. This is the case for all toughened glass but most of the time is so small you cannot see it. With toughened mirror glass though these very minute surface imperfections can be more noticeable as they are reflected or the very thin mirror coating liquid fills them. If you feel these little surface imperfections caused by the toughening process would present a problem for you they it may be best if you ordered another of our products where these imperfections are practically invisible.

Order times and delivery

All Mirror splashbacks are made to order (usually take 3-4 weeks to manufacture).

Any shaped splashbacks, splashbacks with holes and made to order/bespoke sizes typically take 2-4 weeks as long as they pass quality control. Shaped panels take the longest duration as the manufacturing process is more complex and made using a CNC. In stock sizes (without holes, rectangular or square shaped).


Glass thickness

A number of glass thicknesses are available, they are all perfectly suitable for use as a kitchen splashback. Thicker sizes can be useful to match existing worktop upstands or to cover any gaps between the worktop and the wall. Thicker glass will change the colour of the mirror.

Bronze Mirror Splashback

Adhesive/Sealant [+£7.99]
Screws and Screwholes [+£20.00]
Bronze Mirror

A hydrophobic nano coating that makes the
surface more grease and water repellent


Provides extra protection to the backing by
protecting against wall salts and damp

No Foil Backing
Foil Backing [+£25.00]

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