Glass upstands perfectly compliment a glass splashback. Made to measure from toughened glass our glass upstands are a low cost solution to finish your kitchen walls. NB Coloured Glass upstands can only be purchased with a Coloured Glass Splashback.


Easy to clean glass upstands, Easy Clean coating is available also which helps repel grease

Available in 6 different glass thicknesses (6 for gloss, only 2 for Brushed glass- 6mm and 10mm)

Gloss or Brushed glass finishes

Our gloss printed glass splashbacks are manufactured from low iron glass

Heat resistant to over 400C (degrees celsuis)

All edges are polished with a 1.5mm bevel

If drill holes are ordered they are the same thickness of the glass due to the toughening process and requirements

(with the exception of 4mm thickness which has 6mm holes)

How to measure

How to measure glass upstands

Measuring for glass upstands is very simple...

Step 1) Measure for your cooker splashback and mark the walls where it will be. So, mark two vertical lines 2mm in from each kitchen wall unit (if present) either side of your cooker  and draw these lines (using a spirit level) down to the worktop. The distance between these lines is your cooker splashback width.

Step 2) Each of these lines being the starting point of your glass upstand, so measure from one of the lines to the nearest wall or unit - depending on your kitchen layout. Subtract 2mm from this measurement for expansion.

(i.e. the upstand measurement is the distance between the cooker splashback and the nearest wall -2mm)

Step 3) If your glass upstands are going around an internal/adjoining corner then you must allow for the thickness of the glass also by deducting this from one of the upstands.

(i.e. subtract the glass thickness AND adhesive thickness (around 3mm) and 2mm for expansion from one of the upstand lengths). Total recommended deductions below for upstands on adjoing walls.

4mm glass deduct 9mm

6mm glass deduct 11mm

8mm glass deduct 13mm

10mm glass deduct 15mm

Fitting Glass Upstands

Glass upstands are fitted the same as a glass splashback, simply apply some silicone adhesive to the rear and firmly press against the wall. Seal around the edges using the sam silicone adhesive.

Brushed Glass Upstands

Brushed Glass Upstands have a more scratch resistant, non reflective, matt glass finish but are not available in low iron so lighter colours may be affected by the natural green tinge of glass.

Glass thickness

A number of glass thicknesses are available, they are all perfectly suitable for use as a kitchen splashback. Thicker sizes can be useful to match existing worktop upstands or to cover any gaps between the worktop and the wall.

Glass and image/paint colours

All of our coloured and printed glass splashbacks are manufactured using low iron glass, also known as optically clear glass. Low iron glass has, as the name suggests, a low iron content (not completely iron free)- so generally speaking colours viewed from the front of the glass are more or less the same as colours on the back. However, as the colours and designs are on the rear of the glass there can be differences in colour due to light refraction and reflection i.e. the colour can be affected by the colour of the light in the room. Thicker glass will affect the colours more as there is more glass to refract and reflect the light.

If you would like to be 100% sure of the colour you receive, or how the image will look on glass please order a sample.

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