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Faux pressed tin kitchen splashbacks and wall panels in a variety of styles and colours. As they can be fitted directly on top of tiles they are a cost effective way to stylishly transform your kitchen walls. These 3D faux tin wall panels are made from thermoplastic and can be cut using scissors or a stanley knife and stuck to the wall using silicone or adhesive.

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Faux Tin Wall Panels

Copper Faux Tin Wall Panels

Fitting Faux Tin Wall Panels

Mirroflex™ faux tin wall panels are made from a thermoplastic, we do not advise this range is fitted behind a gas hob unprotected but you can use a clear glass splashback directly on top (behind your hob) to protect this particular area. These panels are also ideal as a decorative complimentary product to a glass cooker splashback (with faux tin either side, above and below). Mixing glass and these designer, 3D wall panels is a very interesting look/fusion particularly with the extra depth the 3D texture panels give to your kitchen/room.

Faux tin wall panels are also great for other rooms of the house to create feature walls or protect areas prone to splashing.

You can also fit faux tin behind any heat source and protect the panel at the heat source with a clear glass splashback.

To cut these panels you can just measure and cut with scissors )more info below), we recommned using masking tape on the rear of each panel to draw your measurements on and following the lines with scissors.

We recommend using our Neutral Cure Silicone Adhesive to install (attach and seal the edges), 1 tube of silicone would atatch and seal 2 wall panels. It can be purchased from this page.

Faux Tin wall panel Dimensions

Approximate 610mm x 460mm design area. Has a 10mm underlap on two sides. Overall panel sizes are 620mm width by 470mm height.

Short product manufacturer video explaining the joins/seams

Fitting Instructions

Apply adhesive on the rear of each faux tin wall panel. Press gently against the wall. Every panel design is different: Apply adhesive to panel where the panel will meet the wall.

Please watch the product manufacturer's fitting instructions also, they recommend double sided tape. You can use tape, silicone or most other forms of adhesive.


Plan ahead. Lay out how they will fit before using adhesive to stick them to the wall.

Dry fit trimmed pieces to make sure they fit: Before putting adhesive on them.


You can buy our specially selected adhesive here

Faux Tin Kitchen Splashback

Provides extra protection to the backing by
protecting against wall salts and damp

No Foil Backing
Foil Backing [+£25.00]

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