Coloured Glass Table Top

Available to match any paint range or colour and made from toughened glass. Made to measure, so also perfect replacement table tops. If you don't find the colour you're looking for, just enter it the Colour Choice box instead and we'll match it for you.


Easy to clean glass table tops (and replacement glass table tops), Easy Clean coating is available also which helps repel dirt 

Available in 6 different glass thicknesses (6 for gloss, only 2 for Brushed glass- 6mm and 10mm)

Gloss or Brushed glass finishes

Heat resistant to over 400C (degrees celsuis) and manufactured from toughened glass

All edges are polished with a 1.5mm bevel

If drill holes are ordered they are the same thickness of the glass due to the toughening process and requirements

(with the exception of 4mm thickness which has 6mm holes)

Brushed Glass Table Tops

Brushed Glass Splashbacks have a more scratch resistant, non reflective, matt glass finish. Brushed glass is not available in low iron glass so lighter colours will be affected (order a sample if you would like to see the colour and finish of Brushed Glass).

Order times and delivery

Bespoke clear glass table tops typically take 1-3 weeks to manufacture and deliver

Glass thickness

A range of glass thicknesses are available but at 5kg/m2 for every 2mm of thickness weight can very quickly become a problem when the glass thickness increases. For example, a 2000mm x 700mm 19mm glass table top (for a dining table for example) would weigh around 67kg

Glass Table tops

Our coloured glass table tops are made from toughened low iron glass so that the iron content of glass does not affect the colour HOWEVER this can change dramatically as the glass thickness increases. A 19mm thick white glass table top will look a different colour to a 6mm glass table top, this is due to light refraction through the thicker glass. The thicker the glass, the more some colours may be affected (darker colours less than lighter colours).

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