Blue Glass Splashbacks

Quintessential Blue
Blue Glass Splashbacks can be a great way to add a subtle colour to a kitchen or can be a very classy blue such as Breton Blue. The colour blue brings the outside in with the colour of the sky or water and can inject as much or as little colour into your kitchen as you like.


  • Made for all kitchens and suitable for use behind any hob including gas hobs
  • Easy to clean glass splashbacks, Easy Clean coating is available also which helps repel grease
  • Available in seven different blacks and dark greys (you can though have any colour on this page - coloured glass splashbacks)
  • Heat resistant to over 400C (degrees celsius)
  • All edges are polished with a 1.5mm bevel
  • UK Manufactured Product

Styling tip

Blue glass splashbacks go very well with many kitchen styles and colour schemes. They can lift white and grey kitchens or contrast well with a blue kitchen.

This product range of blue glass splashbacks is available in the below colours to brighten your kitchen-

  1. Quintessential Blue
  2. Blue Charm
  3. Blue Incense
  4. Blue Lagoon
  5. Blue Opal
  6. Blue Reflection
  7. Blue View
  8. Borrowed Blue
  9. Breton Blue
  10. Earl Blue
  11. Electric Blue
  12. Oxford Blue
  13. Pressed Blueberry
  14. Bluebird Skies
  15. Sash Blue
  16. Sea Blue
  17. Stonewashed Blue
  18. Blueberry Icing
  19. Atlas Blue
  20. Blissful Blue
  21. Blue Babe
  22. Blueberry White
  23. Atlantic Blue

For other blue glass splashbacks and colours, or any other colour at all check out our coloured glass splashbacks product page which features a unique preview tool to see how thousands of colours look in some different kitchen colour schemes.

Our ultra stylish range of printed glass splashbacks are also an amazing option, choose from any one of our hundreds of designs and patterns or design your own glass splashback

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