Picture of Unika Worktop Protector Rods (self adhesive)
The self adhesive Unika Hot Rods are easily positioned and fixed to your worktop. Once fitted into place they allow you to place hot pots and pans directly on top of them.

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These worktop protector rods (hot rods) from Unika are a stylish but practical way to protect your kitchen worktop from being burnt by hot pots an pans.

Features and Benefits

  • Self adhesive backing (which is also heat resistant)
  • Stainless steel to match handles and appliances
  • Easy to fit and you can arrange different patterns to suit your style
  • Fully tested to withstand extremely high temperatures

Unika Worktop Protector Rods (self adhesive)

Provides extra protection to the backing by
protecting against wall salts and damp

No Foil Backing
Foil Backing [+£25.00]

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