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Glass Splashbacks For Kitchens & Bathrooms

Glass Splashbacks are the ideal solution to create a washable wall in the areas that need to be cleaned most regularly, for example in a kitchen. Glass splashbacks can be coloured to match any paint range, digitally printed with any design or even mirrored to create a heat resistant toughened glass mirror for use behind your kitchen hob. As all the coatings are applied to the rear of the glass it means they cannot be damaged and all of our coatings are UV resistant so will never fade or discolour meaning your glass splashback will look as good as new for the lifetime of your kitchen. One huge benefit of a glass kitchen splashbacks is that you only need a silicone gun to install them so it is a very simple DIY task to measure and fit yourself saving you on expensive tradesman costs. To help you choose a coloured glass splashback we have created our own unique colour visualiser which allows you to preview how the colour will look in a variety of kitchen styles. If you're looking for something different then please check out our collections of printed glass splashbacks or for a higher end ultra contemporary style our toughened mirror splashbacks are the perfect choice.

Can I measure and fit myself?

The simple answer is yes, in most cases you are simply measuring a small rectangular space behind your hob then ordering a kitchen splashback that is just a little smaller and installing is just as quick and easy. With a silicone gun and a tube of our adhesive/sealant you simply blob some silicone on the back, apply a litrle around the edges and you're done in under five minutes. For more detailed instructions on how to measure and fit and guidance on measuring more complicated shapes and around sockets please visit the
tutorials section of the website.


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Product Sample
Antique mirror glass splashback
Antique Mirror Splashback
Moroccan Tiles Splashback
Moroccan Tiles Splashback
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Clear Glass Splashbacks

Choosing the Perfect Splashback for Your Kitchen

Designing your dream kitchen involves selecting the right color scheme and complementing accessories, appliances, and lighting. This same principle applies when selecting a glass splashback for your kitchen. A coloured glass splashback can easily match any color, making the decision process as simple as selecting a color to match your kitchen doors or walls, or contrasting the colors to add depth to your design. Black glass hobs can be complemented with a black glass splashback to create a cohesive look. For a more vibrant look, a kitchen splashback with a unique design can add a pop of color to a monotone kitchen. Alternatively, mirror splashbacks can instantly elevate any kitchen's look, creating a high-end feel that adds value to your home. One of the key advantages of glass splashbacks is that they never look outdated. A simple wipe-down ensures that your splashback looks as good as new for the lifetime of your kitchen, making it the perfect alternative to tiled walls. With our wide range of designs and products, you're sure to find the perfect splashback to match your kitchen's aesthetic. If you can't find what you're looking for on our website, simply reach out to us via email and we'll be happy to assist you. Our glass splashbacks are manufactured to measure in the UK, using toughened glass that is cut to size. Our coloured glass splashbacks are coated to order in over 500 different colors, allowing us to match any paint range. We offer bespoke printed glass splashbacks that can be customized using your own design, with the measuring and fitting process being a simple and inexpensive DIY task. With instant online pricing and the ability to order from any product page, our glass splashbacks are an affordable, stylish solution to any kitchen design challenge. Additionally, we offer acrylic splashbacks that can be purchased in any color or design
Made to measure glass splashbacks, manufactured in the UK. All of our bespoke glass splashbacks are made using toughened glass and cut to size, our coloured glass splashbacks are colour coated to order. Printed glass splashbacks can be customised or personalised using your own design and the measuring and fitting process can be a simple DIY task so quite cheap compared to tiling costs. You get instant prices and can order online using any of our product pages for an affordable, stylish to solution to a problem area. Our coloured glass splashbacks are available in over 500 colours and we can match any paint range. The stunning printed glass splashback collections come in hundreds of designs also so you can be sure to find the right kitchen splashback to suit your decor. Acrylic splashbacks are also available to purchase online and are also available in any colour or design.
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