how much does a glass splashback cost
How much does a Glass Splashback Cost?

Prices for glass splashbacks vary by product type and size but below are some guide prices for some of our standard size glass splashbacks by product type. The real saving is made by being able to measure and fit yourself if you can, there are instructions on how to do this below. For custom sizes, shapes and panels with cut outs, you can get instant prices and purchase on all our product pages. 

595mm x 745mm
Coloured Glass Splashback £104.68
Printed Glass Splashback £125.40
Personalised Glass Splashback £159.29
Toughened Mirror Glass Splashback £219.89
Antique Mirror Glass Splashback £225.18
Acrylic Splashback £90.16

Our standard delivery is £14.99

how to measure a glass splashback
How to measure a glass splashback

Measuring for a standard glass splashback is very straightforward, whereas measuring a more complicated shape is a little more challenging. For a simple rectangular glass splashback though it can be as simple as measuring the height and width of the area and taking off 4mm from the width and 2mm from the height. You can find guidance on how to measure on the below pages.

How to measure for a Glass Splashback
How to Template a Shaped Glass Splashback

how to fit a glass splashback
How to fit a glass splashback

Fitting a glass splashback may sound daunting but in most instances it is one of the easiest DIY tasks you will ever do. For a simple cooker splashback for example you are simply sticking or screwing one glass panel to a wall, and you should not need a tradesman to do it. For larger splashbacks and with splashbacks with cut outs the principal is the same but it will take a little longer.

How to fit a Glass or Acrylic Splashback
how long does delivery take?
How long does delivery take?

We have around 40 glass splashback sizes in stock ready to be coloured, printed or mirrored for those of you who are getting a new kitchen or currently have installers on site. The average delivery time on a stock sizes is around 7-10 days. Bespoke sizes and shaped glass splashbacks can take a little longer as the glass must be first cut and toughened before the splashback can be coloured or printed etc. June 21 update- the current lead time for non standard sizes is 4-5 weeks due to the worldwide glass shortage.
order a glass splashback sample
Product Samples

Before purchasing anything it's always nice to see a sample so you know what to expect. Our samples are all made to order (so printed to a specific design, painted to a specific colour or mirrored), so they do take a little while to manufacture and deliver. Samples are a great way to see how your chosen colour or design will look in your kitchen but you may not always need to purchase one. For coloured glass splashbacks for example, you could start with trying tester pots of paint on the wall to narrow down your search. 
help choosing a colour
Help choosing a colour

Finding the right colour of glass splashback to match your kitchen colour scheme isn't as easy as it might sound. There is a great mobile app that may help though which is made by Dulux. The Dulux Colour Visualiser app (which is a free download) let's you take a photo of your wall and tap it to change the wall colour. As our coloured glass splashbacks are made by back painting glass you are essentially previewing how the glass splashback might look. Before you start, it's always a good idea to remove anything in front of the wall like kettles, toasters and microwaves and make sure you take the photo in a good light.

Another useful way to help you choose the right colour is by seeing glass splashbacks in existing customer's kitchens. Try the below image galleries to see if you can find some inspiration

Coloured Glass Splashbacks Image Gallery
Printed Glass Splashbacks Image Gallery

Glass Splashback Colour Visualiser

The coloured glass splashbacks product page itself also has an unique colour visualiser which let's you choose a colour from hundreds of choices. Once you click the colour it will be instantly previewed in a small slideshow of different kitchens, as the visualiser has a selection of the most popular kitchen colours you may find it very useful.

Try our Colour Visualiser
more frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how my chosen design will look based on the size of my glass?
As most images and photographs have a landscape ratio and most cooker splashbacks are portrait you may worry your chosen design may not look right. What we can do is email you an image proof prior to ordering, just contact us requesting an image proof and we will happily size your chosen design based on the size required.

Can I use my own design?
Yes, as long as your design, photograph or image is large enough to fit on a splashback. You can email us to check but as a general guide we would need an image that is at least 3MB in size for a typical cooker splashback.

I cannot find the colour of paint I would like
That is not a problem, we have a large database of paint colours which can be formulated and if we do not have your chosen colour we should be able to match it ok.

Can you measure and fit my splashbacks for me?

While we do not have our own fitters that cover the whole UK, we do have a network of recommended installers you can use. The installers will professionally survey and install your glass splashbacks for you with typical survey and installation fees being around £400-£500. It is not a service we would recommend for a simple cooker splashback, but it is very helpful if you would like larger and more complicated panels installed.
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