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Are glass splashbacks hygenic?

How hygienic are glass splashbacks, and are they easier to clean than tiles?

Glass splashbacks have many wonderful properties, however one of the biggest benefits of opting for glass over tiles  is their easy-clean qualities...

1. Far fewer pieces than tiles -

No matter what size of tile you opt for, there are generally many many tiles on each wall. Glass Splashbacks are available up to 2.4m in length, meaning it's possible to clad entire walls with one or two pieces in total. 

Image Source:

2. Fewer pieces means fewer joins and no grout to clean! -

If your wall is larger than 2.4m, you might need a second panel of glass. However, glass splashbacks are simply butted together (see below) and sealed with silicone. This is much easier to clean and maintain than messy tile grout. Glass splashbacks also butt on to worktops and shower trays- with another fine amount of silicone to seal. If tiling, this area is usually grouted. Over time the grout cracks or errodes leaving an opportunity for water penetration.

3. Glass Splashbacks are entirely flat-

Unlike tiles which can be uneven or even textured, glass splashbacks are as flat as is physically possible. This means there is no opportunity for dirt, mould and germs to build up on the surface, making glass splashbacks a more hygienic option.

4. Splashbacks are as non-pourous as possible-

Glass splashbacks are entirely flat, but even though they are machine made, they still have very tiny pores. Ceramic tiles are pourous (some more than others, such as natural stone) and therefore they can be like sponges for grime. 

There are no statistics for how fewer pores glass has compared to tiles, however you only have to touch your windows and mirrors to compare. Glass is as smooth and resistant to dirt as physically possible.

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To further mitigate against germs and dirt, we offer an EasyClean Coating with our glass splashbacks. This is essentially a glass scotchguard. Our EasyClean Coating can be added to your order during the quotation process.

The coating is applied to the surface of the glass and essentially seals the tiny pores- ensuring germs and grime cannot penetrate at all.

Effectively water would bead and run straight off the glass (see above).

5. In a world of germs and diseases like coronavirus, wipeable surfaces protect against infection!-

For all the benefits above, glass splashbacks are the best and most hygienic option for kitchen walls. Wipeable in seconds, your kitchen and bathroom will be as sterile as possible.

LUXE Living

Source: Mark Wilkinson

As we launch our new LUXE Collection, we explore some of the ways to create a LUXE look in your kitchen. 

Subtle Metal Touches

Metal never goes out of date, however we think some of the recent trends to hit the high street went a bit too far! The Copper Pandemic saw an explosion of copper on to literally everything from handles (we love) to matching bins and kitchen roll holders (not so much love for these). 

However metal is always welcome in Interior Design as it adds depth, and is a perfect way to ground a scheme. The above kitchen by Mark Wilkinson uses a subtle hint of copper through the cabinet handles and lighting. It's just enough copper to make it interesting!

This kitchen uses brass as the secondary colour in the scheme. Rather than being religated to the sidelines, the brass wall cabinets stand out as a feature- this is balanced by the marine blue colour of the other cabinets, so it somehow remains elegant (when it would ordinarily be too much!).

We're used to seeing metal in kitchen design via handles and hardware, however this is also an easy way to keep up with trends. Opting for a colour that's currently in vogue is easy with handles, as they can be changed relatively inexpensively when you tire of them. The above brass 'knurled' handles are huge for 2020, but their subtle texture means they will remain fashionable for years to come. 

We're huge fans of Karndean & Amtico flooring. If you haven't heard of them, it's definitely worthwhile looking them up when you are selecting the flooring for your new kitchen. They are effectively vinyl planks that look like wood, meaning you can have a wood-look floor in your kitchen without the concerns over leaks and dents! One of the beautiful things about this type of flooring is that you can add accessories such as metal strips in to the design. The above image sourced on Pinterest shows a brass trim on a limed-oak effect floor in a hall. This could just as easily be a kitchen, and the trim could wrap around an island beautifully adding the subtlest hint of metal.  

Lighting is another key way to add luxury, and also incorporate metals in to a design. These striking feature lights add impact above the kitchen's island.

Groupings of three small to medium lights work well over islands and peninsulas, however size is important. If a pendant is large, it is sometimes better to opt for two pendants and review the spacing. 

The examples above would cost a small fortune, however there are some very reasonably priced options out on the high street. 


West Elm

John Lewis

Antique Mirror Splashbacks

Exclusively at DIY Splashbacks, Toughened Antique Mirror Splashbacks

Antique Mirror Splashbacks

One continuing trend for interiors and specifically kitchens in 2020 is Antique Mirror.

Synonoumous with the beautiful work of Humprey Munson Kitchens who were among the first to introduce them in to kitchens in the UK, Antique Mirror Splashbacks are now an afforable option to add luxury and elegance in to any kitchen design. 

Is mirror safe in a kitchen?

Ordinarily, it isn't as straight forward as buying a piece of mirror, or popping one out of a frame and sticking it behind your hob. For safety reasons this isn't possible, as mirrors are not normally manufactured in toughened glass. This means that if they are knocked, or exposed to extremes of heat they will shatter.

DIY Splashbacks tinted and antique mirror splashbacks are manufactured in-house from toughened safety glass, meaning home owners can have no concerns over their safety in the kitchen. Using state of the art techniques, each one of our mirror splashbacks is made-to-order by the DIY Splashbacks team. We take the quality and safety of our products very seriously! Our splashbacks are both heat resistant and shatter resistant! 

DIY Splashbacks Antique Mirror Splashbacks

Made to Measure

All of our glass splashback products are made-to-measure, meaning you can have a glass splashback that fits perfectly in to your space. This stunning kitchen above by Adornas Kitchens & Interiors combines two of 2020's biggest trends, Graphite Grey, and Antique Mirror. This elegant look is sure to withstand the test of time.


Not limited to classic kitchens!

At DIY Splashbacks, we encourage you to defy convention and exercise your creativity! So although Antique Mirror is typically paired with classic kitchens, we love to see these in other spaces.

This stunning contemporary kitchen below uses an Antique Mirror Splashback to contrast with an otherwise minimalist room. This savy homeowner opted for laminate up-stands on the perimeter of their kitchen, and simply fitted a splashback behind the hob. This is a clever, budget friendly way to achieve an elegant look, without the cost of a fully fitted splashback. 

Antique Mirror Splashbacks in Contemporary Kitchen

Tell me more!

If you are interest in a similar look, why not get an instant quote today?

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What is an upstand?

What is an upstand?

In kitchen terms, an upstand is a small strip of kitchen worktop, glass or acrylic usually 100-150mm in height that fits in the rear wall edge of your kitchen worktop.

Historically these were made from 18mm laminate or stone and used to hide any gaps between the kitchen worktop and the wall behind (walls are rarely completely flat).

More recently though they are available to compliment glass and acrylic splashbacks (see below)

what is an upstand?

As you can see, using the same colour of glass upstand as the glass splashback has really added a feature to this minimalist white gloss kitchen.

The above is something you can very easily measure and fit yourself for a few hunder pounds and allows you to introduce stronger colours to your kitchen pallette without overdoing it. 

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How much is a glass splashback?

Brushed Glass Splashbacks by DIY SplashbacksHow much is a glass splashback?

Like any product or service, several factors can influence the cost...

-Do you plan on measuring and fitting yourself?

-Would you prefer a professional installed it for you?

-Is your prefered splashback:



Printed with an image or design?

Toughened mirror?

-Would you like it behind the hob, or around the perimeter of your kitchen?

Measure and fit yourself- 'DIY'

Measuring and fitting a standard cooker splashback, or a splashback and upstands is very simple as you are literally measuring a rectangle and sticking it to the wall.

If you require a supply only option that you can fit yourself then you can quickly and easily get an instant price using any of the below instant quote pages/tools.

For printed designs and mirror splashbacks there are multiple product pages but once you find the right style you will still be able to get an instant quote.

Get a quote for a supply only coloured glass splashback

Get a quote for a supply only clear glass splashback

Choose a design and get a quote for a printed glass splashback

Choose a toughened mirror colour or design and get a quote

Use our installation service

There are a number of installation experts across the UK we can recommend to measure an fit our products. For the majority of the United Kingdom the installation service costs £375, to check if this fee applies to your location please see the fully fitted glass splashbacks.

This price is the contractor's fee to measure, fit and take liability for any mistakes or damage caused- meaning nothing at all for you to worry about!

To get a cost of the products themselves you can use any of the pages above to enter the size of each panel to get a quote, then just add the installation cost to this. All prices include VAT.

Guide prices

You can get instant, exact prices on any of the instant quote pages above.

However, as a guide - the cost of a glass splashback varies depending on the size and specifications required.

Should you require a simple 6mm thick cooker splashback for example it should be well under £200 for a typical size of 600mm x 750mm but again it depends on the specification.

Other variables such as... is it a solid colour? or digital print? and there are also specialist effects such as sparkles.

It's also possible to have it shaped to fit around your curved cooker hood.

The Main Benefit

It may sound complicated or pricy, however it really isn't! What makes the overall cost more affordable is how easy it is to install a glass cooker splashback.

As you are essentially just fitting a large tile in one panel it is a simple DIY task that should take no more than 10-15 minutes. It is also a task that anyone with even limited DIY skills can do with relative ease.

Please see our tutorial on how to fit a glass splashback here.

how much does a glass splashback cost?

Professional Installation

Fully fitted glass splashbacks, like the below photo vary regionally in terms of price.

Due to the higher cost of living and transportation in London you may find the labour charge to measure and fit a glass splashback alone could be in excess of £500 (we do have installers in London at the minute though who can provide this service for £375).

The cost of labour to tile the same area is probably very similar. At the other end of the spectrum areas where wages are lower may measure and fit for as little as £150 in labour. All in all, for a typical L shaped kitchen with glass covering the entire area between the worktop and cabinets, rising to the cooker hood and around the window at the same height would usually be in the region of £900-£1800 (depending on the aforementioned options and locations)

Can I fit glass splashbacks myself, how do I measure around the plug sockets?

Again we have a number of tutorials on how to do this. If you are worried about correctly measuring around plug sockets you can of course install glass upstands. With a bit of thought and following our tutorials though you can indeed measure for a simple cooker splashback, a cooker splashback and upstands or a full wall including socket cut outs. If you need any advice our customer service team also have 10 years experience in measuring and fitting glass splashbacks, there's nothing they haven't came across before!

How to measure for glass splashbacks